Zion, how can it compare?

Zion National Park views

I went to Zion National Park yesterday. Beautiful, but a hard act to follow after the Grand Canyon. It felt so small. It just isn’t fair to compare it, but unfortunately I can’t help it! I am still so weary from the Phantom Ranch hike. My calves are stiff and sore, my feet worn, so hiking around Zion was a bit trying. Continue reading

Cinderella up the Canyon (Part Two)

Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch is a little oasis along Phantom Creek at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Designed by Mary Colter in 1922 as a resort to welcome weary hikers, they serve up great food, supplies and clean beds to the intrepid wanderers fortunate enough to get a reservation. Guests eat at crowded tables in shifts in a cute lodge house. Continue reading

Cinderella goes to the Canyon (Part One)

My self portrait on the Canyon wall

I have been slow to write about my hike into the depths of Grand Canyon National Park. Partly because it’s difficult to describe the beauty and my emotional state of accomplishment, partly because I’m exhausted, but also because I worry that trying to describe it will make the magic disappear. From the moment I drove into the park, I was under a spell. Continue reading

Grand anticipation…

The Grand Canyon and I make a lovely couple!

I am extremely fortunate to have booked a bed at Phantom Ranch last minute and will be hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I have heard such wonderful stories of this experience and I am sure it will be amazing. I’ll fill you in when I hike back out!

Arizona love poem

I’ve spent a few days in Lake Havasu, AZ with a couple that are as dear as parents to me. It has been gloriously hot, and sunny. My room is luxurious with a view of the lake, and a mountain that looks like a cupcake. Ceiling fans twirl and all is quietness except for the small barking dogs at the next house away. There’s a young roadrunner that comes to explore the back deck and me, and I reflect how… Continue reading

“Every coincidence is potentially meaningful…

Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada, from Lone Pine, California, Ansel Adams

…How high your awareness level is determines how much meaning you get from your world. Photography can teach you to improve your awareness level.” – Ansel Adams

I had Ansel Adams on my mind today as I drove down 395 east of Yosemite. Continue reading

A rolling stone…

It is time to move on again, I leave Reno tomorrow. It has been such an enlightening time. I have been so spoiled with amazing food being prepared for me, dogs to snuggle, lots of outdoor exercise, friends with delightful and insightful conversation, and I also was able to practice my solo show twice before supportive friends. Continue reading

Meet Kathy

Life is wonderfully full in Reno, NV. I have the great fortune to be staying with a friend that I have known since we started a homeschool group together with our elementary-aged kids. I wake up to fresh fruit smoothies, espresso with steamed milk, and engaging conversation. Continue reading

John and Me

It was a long, winding drive but I said good-bye to Yosemite and arrived in Reno last night. I’m catching up with family and friends and getting dog therapy from two darling Brittanys. I listened to John Denver’s music while in Yosemite and he summed up my thoughts better than I can, so I’ll leave it to him. Continue reading