Arizona love poem

I’ve spent a few days in Lake Havasu, AZ with a couple that are as dear as parents to me. It has been gloriously hot, and sunny. My room is luxurious with a view of the lake, and a mountain that looks like a cupcake. Ceiling fans twirl and all is quietness except for the small barking dogs at the next house away. There’s a young roadrunner that comes to explore the back deck and me, and I reflect how…

Things Change

Health goes

Relationships Sever

Dogs die replaced by new ones

New homes

New grand kids

Things you liked you don’t like anymore

Dominos, cooking

But for you some things stay constant

Church, fudge, peanut brittle, hospitality

Each day moves us closer to the next whatever

Feeding the dog under the table, sarcasm

Birds, confusion, patience

This roadrunner is looking forward, not back.


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