Les Girls…

I am back in Lenox, MA after spending a glorious three weeks in Seattle with my girls for the holidays. I must say that as much as I love being back on the East Coast, the strings of my heart are pulled west by three special women. It is hard being away from them. There is nothing quite like having your own kids. They know me inside and out, they love me unconditionally, they get all my stupid jokes, know the same movie quotes, have similar tastes and we adore being together.

Susanna, Alicia & Audrey

Susanna, Alicia & Audrey

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Why can’t a man be more like Robert?

IMG_6150I flew back into Seattle for the holidays with an email from an acting friend burning a hole in my inbox. He sent me a list of wonderful, wacky things we could do if I had time to hang out. I can’t tell you how unusual this is! To have a man ask me to do anything other than go out for food and drink is unique and so refreshing. No, this wasn’t a “date” but I do wish more men were like Robert to have this creativity in their dealings with me. And he even gave me choices! I have lived in the Seattle area for 17 years and yet only a few of the places on his list had I been to previously. Extraordinary! Continue reading