Waramaug sounds like the name of a dragon…

“But in my heart is the joy of youth for I have learned that the essential things of life are near at hand and happiness is his who but opens his eyes to the beauty which lies before him.” -John Burroughs

IMG_6439I took a day trip to Connecticut this week. It was time for some exploration, one of the areas in my life that needs attention for me to be happy. So off I went heading south on Hwy 7. My first stop was for coffee at a cafe in Sheffield, Massachusetts then over the border to Connecticut to a waterfall at Kent Falls State Park. It was pretty and I enjoyed a leisurely climb up the path to the top.

IMG_6410It happened to be the rare 92 degree day and the sun roof was open and the tunes blaring. My old friend (in thought only), James Taylor, came on singing…

Isn’t it a lovely ride? Sliding down, gliding down, try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride…

And of course, I had to agree with him! I am trying not to try too hard these days. Enjoy the moments and stay present in them is my motto. No need to press for more than comes my way, so much is right before me if I only look.

IMG_6396I meandered along the Housatonic River and I drove over the covered Bull’s Bridge. The area is gorgeous and I enjoyed views of horses peacefully munching grass and rapids along the river.

IMG_6415 2As I wound around beautiful Lake Waramaug I let my imagination ponder the name, wondering if the shape of the lake looked like Smaug the dragon in the Hobbit series and whether he had a brother named Waramaug. Of course, the name has nothing to do with dragons or hobbits and is the name of a princely Native American Chief.

IMG_6417I stopped for a bit of toes-in-the-sand time at the state beach, and as I was dipping my feet in the water’s edge a snake came undulating by as if on his own tour around the lake.

IMG_6418 2Then a couple of parental geese marched their fledgling flock up the shore to eat blades of grass.

IMG_6422 2Peaceful. Well, not the snake, I must admit that snakes make the hair on my arms stick out and my heart beat faster. I retreated to a safe distance while he was in sight. Maybe he was a descendent of my imaginary leviathan Waramaug?

What a day for a daydream, Custom made for a daydreamin’ girl…

But it was a very gorgeous little lake with some beautiful homes to admire along the shore.

As it was past time for lunch, I was near New Preston and tucked into the Nine Main Bakery & Deli. And after all my daydreaming I couldn’t not order the Waramaug sandwich and was it ever delicious. Multi-grain bread, turkey, havarti, sprouts, tomato, cucumber and toasted sunflower seeds! Mmmmmmm….a great find in a tiny town.

Next stop was at Mt Tom State Park to do a little hiking. My body is not quite acclimated to 92 degrees though so I didn’t push myself too far. This was about exploration not heat exhaustion! I did see a butterfly and caterpillar and enjoyed the bird song that was everywhere today.

IMG_6408I drove through Litchfield but didn’t see any place there of interest to me and headed to Goshen and Mohawk State Park. I saw some amazing views of the surrounding Connecticut landscape and just sat and contemplated the beauty of my world.

IMG_6437 2It is days like this that remind me of the need to get out of my box and look for new things, even if they are around the corner, and full of my own imagination. It is always worth the effort and time. I have recently been introduced to the photos and life lessons of Dewitt Jones, a National Geographic photographer. His Celebrate What’s Right With the World fits snugly into my world view these days. Believing is seeing. If I expect to see beauty it will be there. And it certainly was, in horses, bird song, waterfalls, rivers, a dragon-esque lake, caterpillar, butterfly, snake, geese, green hills and a very good sandwich!

Cinderella’s mice…

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” -Mark Twain 

Today I went in for my “muslin fitting” for the costume I will be wearing this summer running around Edith Wharton’s The Mount Mansion grounds, playing Egeus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Shakespeare & Company. The role was written for a man but I will be playing him as a female dressed in a tailor-made 1830’s riding habit!


I have always loved playing dress-up, part of why I enjoy acting so much. When I get the perfect costume, combined with a great role, it can transform me into a fantasy world where I get lost. I suppose it’s a lot like writing and how you can disappear into a book both as the author and as a reader. Just add an outfit to that and BAM you get the full sensual experience! Continue reading

The Cape…

IMG_6366No, not the red little riding-hood variety but CAPE COD, Massachusetts. I decided that I needed a quick get-out-of-town adventure and at midnight booked a cottage by the sea (three nights for the price of two) in South Yarmouth for the next day. Just packing, getting in the car and turning on the tunes puts me in a different head space. I left behind the never-disappearing list of things to do and cast off on a road trip and found myself sipping rosé out of a wine glass with a lobster painted on it. Bliss. Continue reading

Before Panorama and after Panorama…

I’ve been ignoring my blog. This happens. As much as I love to write, I become entrenched in my daily life, ignore the tugs of the blank page, and take to filling my days with teaching, acting and reading soul-stirring writing. Well, I’m back, for a moment, to check in and connect with my own writer’s soul.


Girls Road Trip!

In the fall, I took a road trip from Seattle to California bringing along all three of my incredible daughters. It was hands-down the best thing to happen in 2016. We left Seattle heading south, our first stop a night in Ashland, Oregon to take in a play at the popular Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Our plans were in constant flux so we arrived without tickets with the intention of getting them on sight. Continue reading

Cinderella in Cannes (Third and Final Cycle)

IMG_5326 (1)

Night views of Cannes from the after party

(Continued from Cinderella in Cannes Part 2) Having slept but a few hours, I boarded a shuttle bus to the Nice airport. On the flight back to NYC I was seated next to an adorable couple. I discreetly admired their holding hands and obvious affection for each other. They were having the best time and eventually I got drawn into their mischief. Norwegian Air was fantastic and had a touchscreen at each seat where you order food and drinks and the attendants bring it to you. My row-mates were enjoying keeping a tab going and sending wine to my seat as well. I don’t know if I have ever laughed so long and hard on a flight and I’m sure we were innocuously absurd to the other passengers. My new friends kept trying to hook me up with the guy in the seat ahead of me, Continue reading

Cinderella in Cannes (Second Cycle)

(Continuing along to France…) The drive to Cannes was long but Paul was a super (and fast!) driver. The first night we spent on an overnight ferry (see Cinderella in Cannes Part One) and I fell asleep with a distinctly strong smell of fish in my nostrils. We ended up pulling into Antibes, France, just a few miles northeast of Cannes at 10pm. I went out searching for a sight of the beach Continue reading

Cinderella in Cannes (First Cycle)


Cannes, France

First off let’s get the pronunciation of Cannes right. People here on the east coast  of the USA say CAHnnes, in a hoity-toity way. One friend corrected me when I said CANnes, France. So I looked it up and lo-and-behold my high school french didn’t fail me, it IS “CAN” rhymes with fan.

The reason to get the pronunciation correct is that the film Continue reading

New eyes on a new path…

IMG_4678Tyringham, MA. I went exploring, seeking a new trail, and racing ahead of the snow that was forecast and to my delight was rewarded with new inspiration. My current theory is that hiking the same paths frequently puts me into autopilot-mode, rather like repeating the same workout routine, weights, treadmill, stretches, my muscles can plateau. My eye muscles need changing it up too Continue reading

brown, barren, baron?

I went for a quick hike in New Marlborough, MA last week. I was looking for Dry Hill Trail, one that I failed to find last year because of a snowstorm. This year the snow has held off and the trails are covered in only a blanket of dry leaves, but it was still a challenge to find. In the process of failed turns and roads that lead to infinity I looked to my left and saw this view…

Stone Manor, New Marlborough, MA on the way to the trail

Stone Manor, New Marlborough, MA on the way to the trail

It never ceases to amaze me that the Berkshires are filled with beautiful castles Continue reading

The House that Cap Built

The street where I live

The street where I live

After a hectic summer, I have moved all of my belongings from Seattle, Washington to a small town in Massachusetts. I grew up in the country but I have never lived IN a small town. Here in Lenox I can walk to the dry cleaners, the market, the library, the post office, restaurants, bars, get a great latte and giggle with a friend in a fabulous bookstore. Small town life suits me. Continue reading