Meet Persis

I called her Aunt Joy. She is the aunt of one of my best friends, Sarah (“Leaping upstream with….musical friends”), who insisted that if I was near Boston I must meet her Aunt Joy. From the moment we spoke on the phone, I knew I was in for a special treat. Continue reading


Meet Kevin

I just spent two dreamy weeks in the Berkshires of Massachusetts living at Shakespeare & Company, communing with very special friends, and training to take Shakespeare’s plays into high schools. Evenings involved bonfires with clear night skies, two meals with close girlfriends, two great hikes, two high schools, two farmer’s markets, two local festivals, two plays, two lakes, there was a lot crammed into a few weeks. Continue reading

Nature, theatre and the artistic spirit

I spent 8 hours in the car driving to Spring Green, Wisconsin, trying to make it in time to get a ticket to Troilus and Cressida at American Players Theatre. I got there with 8 minutes to spare, bought a ticket and busted up the hill to the amazing outdoor venue to be the last person to enter the theater. So I hardly had time to catch my breath and look around. The first act was a little slow, and I had to fight off my lethargy. But at intermission I was able to soak in the magical surroundings and wake up with the help of some amazing sugared cashews. The setting is fairy magic memorable. I heard crickets, frogs, saw bats swooping into the lights, all this mingled with the talented acting company creating a beautiful production of a difficult Shakespeare play under the stars. Continue reading


Me with my big sister, Bonni

It was my birthday yesterday and my wonderful sister emailed me an iTunes gift certificate since I am not stationary long enough to receive packages. It was the perfect gift as I have been wanting to go through all my blogs from the beginning of this journey and make a playlist of the songs that I have included. There were a lot more of them than I thought, 28 to be exact. So thanks to my sister and iTunes I now have all the songs on a playlist. I listened to it this morning as I walked in the woods with tears streaming down my face. So many memories of places, people, and experiences;  I lived the emotional arc of my last 4-5 months once again. Continue reading

South Dakota, home of the dead skunks…

I saw 4-5 skunk carcasses per day on the roads in South Dakota. Thankfully I didn’t have anything to do with their deaths, other than just noticing their mangled little bodies. Since reading about frightened bunnies crossing the street in Watership Down, I loath seeing animals on the side of the road as it takes me into wondering what their last, innocent, terrified moments were like. I have been so grateful on this trip that I have avoided any wildlife under my wheels. EXTREMELY grateful. Continue reading

My new love affair with country music…

As I was busting down the freeway in South Dakota at 80mph singing along with my tunes I saw signs for Wall Drug continuously for miles and miles. They are big on advertising. I decided to whip off the freeway quickly, as I have heard about this place for years. I expected a cute little general store but what I found was a large complex of shops! Continue reading

Lost my heart in the Black Hills…

 I drove through Upton, Wyoming on my way to the Black Hills. It was beautiful country, a lazy, winding drive, dotted with darling towns. On Upton’s tall water tower was the proud proclamation “BEST TOWN ON EARTH.” I thought, what audacity! To proclaim your town the best on earth! It threw me into paroxysms of philosophical wonderings. What makes this town, population 1100, think they are the best on earth? What would it take to be the best town? For me, an awesome coffee shop and theater company would be high on the list. But I was intrigued with the idea that they believed in themselves so strongly. And I wondered what it would take for me to say I was the best woman on earth, NO, the best PERSON on earth? I couldn’t get there. I know too many phenomenal people to have the galls to put myself above them. But wouldn’t it be amazing to feel and believe you were the best person, actor, artist, trombone player, whatever, on earth? I think it is something to aspire to. This is what being in the car for hours alone can provide. Time to ponder and take my thoughts to a new dimension just by seeing words on a water tower. Continue reading

Lessons from a cattle drive

I was headed to the Medicine Wheel in Wyoming at the recommendation of my friend, DeAnne ( from my post “Charleston-Part Two” ). I stopped for gas in the last tiny town before heading into the back woods and the man next to me in his truck asked me what part of Washington I was from. We got to chatting as we filled our tanks and I told him where I was heading and he said I HAD to make a quick detour to see Big Horn Canyon. Finding these tidbits of advice always worthwhile, I veered off my planned route. Continue reading