Spiraling back to Seattle

I drove back into Seattle feeling like I was coming back into the rat race with people “leading lives of quiet desperation” (Thoreau). The traffic was atrocious, drivers aggressive, impatient, blowing their horns because the car in front of them didn’t spurt off immediately when the light turned green. My pace has changed as I’ve journeyed, the striving and pushing has been usurped by peace and being chill, so to get back “home” was a rude awakening. It doesn’t feel like home anymore, but it doesn’t help that all my belongings are in a storage unit and I’m sleeping on my daughter’s couch. I’m displaced, not sure where I belong. Is my car my only home? Eeek, what a thought! Continue reading


Glacier at last…

I’m back to the early days of this trip in that my emotions are all over the map! I’m down, I’m up, I’m confident, I’m insecure, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m worried, I’m stable. The closer I get back to Seattle the “not knowing what I’m doing next” starts waving it’s big head at me, mocking my indecision. So getting back to nature, and finally seeing Glacier National Park, was perfect timing. Continue reading

All roads lead to Iam… (PART TWO)…with an offshoot to Nathan

One of the things I didn’t anticipate was my friends feeling worried about what I might write about them on my blog. It became the joke with Iam after a particularly ridiculous event…“Oh no, I suppose you’ll put that in the blog!” Or a particularly bad picture was met with a groan, “Don’t put that on your blog.” I could also use it as a threat…”Careful or I’ll put that in my blog.” Blackmail…gotta love it! Nathan, the friend I was driving to Rosebud to see, was concerned about the same thing. No one wants to be misconstrued and I hated to think they were feeling vulnerable. But since we all had met in the Shakespeare Intensive we were loath to hide from each other. Authenticity is definitely the way to live and I was grateful that they trusted me not to misrepresent them. Continue reading

All roads lead to Iam…(PART ONE)

I spent the most amazing month last January sharing a small dorm room with a wonderful gal called Iam. Yep, that is right, Iam as in “I am.” There’s a whole interesting story to her name but suffice it to say that her parents were part of the 60’s generation. We were roommates at a month-long Shakespeare acting intensive in Massachusetts and we both felt EXTREMELY lucky to have landed in the same room and we became as close as sisters. So when this trip entered my mind, a stop to see Iam in Calgary was a must. I decided to put her at the end, rather than the beginning, and it has felt all along that I was moving my way around the continent to get to Calgary. Continue reading

All that glitters does not glow…

Thanks to WordPress and their honor of being chosen for their Freshly Pressed home page, I have a ton of new readers, followers and likes. Welcome and thank you! I was going to skip over my visits to Red Lodge and Great Falls, Montana, as there really isn’t much fun to report. But I want you to know that not every stop is miraculous, there are a few duds. So here you go, full disclosure… Continue reading

Everything in surprise packages

In Bozeman, Montana with my hopes for going to Glacier National Park thwarted by being unable to find lodging, I decided to see what else I could do. I checked the internet and found a great deal on a hotel in Cody, Wyoming, which would give me the opportunity to see more of Yellowstone even if it was backtracking a bit. Continue reading

Detours ahead…it’s just a lovely ride

After leaving Jackson, WY, I went through Yellowstone up to Bozeman, Montana, planning on making it to Glacier National Park. But I must agree with Burns and say “the best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry.”

Yellowstone was phenomenal! I pulled into the Old Faithful Inn, parked right in front, walked up to the geyser and 10 minutes later was taking photos of the most beautiful spout of water, complete with rainbow, that I have ever seen. The whole landscape was other-worldly with the steam rising out of white ground like something you would see in an old black and white sci-fi movie about aliens on the moon. Continue reading

Teton Daydream (Part Two), another motorcycle

After my upper crust experience at the Amangani Resort, I went to the not-to-be-missed Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in downtown Jackson. The bar stools are actual western saddles with stirrups, and knobby, bulbous, pine logs fill the room with warmth and charm. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I swung a leg over a saddle and ordered a beer like Dale Rogers might have done with Roy at her side. There was an amazing band playing country music (Nathan Dean and the Damn Band) and I soon moved closer to inspect the dancing action. Continue reading