My eyes on the lonely road…

IMG_8425“What’s the difference between a National Monument and a National Park?” was my first question to the ranger at the Visitor’s Center. Her reply… “A monument is designated by the President and a park is voted in by Congress.” Simple. President Taft established the Colorado National Monument in 1911. It is gorgeous. I was on my way to Moab from Montrose, sadly leaving the cute cowboy behind on the eve of the weekend rodeo. He recommended a visit to the Colorado National Monument, a short veering off the path and it was well worth the leisurely meander. Continue reading

A record….

DSCN0904I think this may just be the longest I have gone without writing a post. I have been busy spending time with my daughters and blogging has been put on the long list of things to do. I do miss sharing and I have a few posts started just not ready to go yet! So for those of you that keep up with my journey, I wanted to say that I am here, hold on, I’ll get a post to you soon! I have some more great people to introduce you to and a couple more National Parks for you to explore.

Meandering Lori

Meet Blondie, Eddie and Coon Skinner…

(photo courtesy of C.C.)

(photo courtesy of C.C.)

I love Colorado. The mountains, the waterfalls, the small towns, the blue skies, and driving around a corner and seeing wildly beautiful rock formations. I stopped in Ouray, CO, an adorable town known for its hot springs, and had lunch at a rooftop restaurant overlooking a darling main street. It also looked out upon a bridge high in the cliffs and in asking about it, I found out that it overlooked Box Canyon Falls. Continue reading