Saddle up, it’s going to be a wet, bumpy ride…

As “my” cabbages continue to grow in the woods, my eyes are drawn up to the trees. Maybe it’s because I am listening to The Lord of the Rings audio book and the endearing antics of hobbits in the forest of Fangorn. I’ve always loved trees but I am seeing new identities in the bark and stumps today, a whale, an infinity sign, and many, many images of the letter Y. Interesting to ponder the “Y” or WHY?


I decided to google the letter Y and read many wacky things on numerology and projections about seeing the letter Y. The consonant, that sometimes becomes a vowel, seems to represent wisdom, intuition, sensitivity, curiosity and introspection. Also the symbol harkens to a fork in the road, and making vital decisions, a divining rod of sorts that you can hold in your hands to follow the way to underground water.


And I have been pondering the depths of my soul, the bend of my pathway, the next incarnation to come. The woods seem to be encouraging me to explore and trust my intuition, always the best plan. The pathway is mine to choose.


And further along my forest trail was a wooden whale, with such an expressive eye it beckoned me to jump on and go for a joy ride.


Change can bring such fear of the unknown, but I choose to see the adventure of broader horizons and the impossible dreams I may never even have thought of. I’m hitching my saddle to a whale and holding on tight for the next adventure.

IMG_0070 2

What are you learning during this time? I hope you are able to get outside and see if the natural world has ideas or encouragement to help you see your way.

PS For those of you watching the growth of the skunk cabbage, here is my latest photo of their progress…


Of cabbages and kings…


I continue on from my previous blog to watch the skunk cabbage transform in the Northeast. It completely changes and opens up it’s thick, protective rubbery skin to release beautiful green leaves. It’s not smelling like skunk yet, so I am awaiting that event with tempered enthusiasm.

My walk today found me sitting and meditating on a log. Listening really. It had been an unsettling day for no reason, other than being cooped up at home and not knowing the future. At times like this I turn to the woods and I am embraced and rewarded with their tidings of hope. Here I feel most whole, most at home, most at peace, and the most insightful. I can see here, and I feel seen by the trees that I’m hugging and the birds I am hearing, the trickling water, the shimmer of light, the colors, dead brown and white of light, green of vibrant new growth. Here I am most grateful.

A song came bubbling into my consciousness…

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me                                                                                                      See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

It’s a song from Tommy. Let me say this first. I have never seen Tommy, I do not have the soundtrack, and I have no idea how the tune flew into my mind, but it reflected my heart to these woods.


So I sat. And I heard wood peckers, wind in the trees, trickling brooks, rustling of leaves, squirrels chattering, even a little chipmunk dashing. And then as I continued on walking, and as I was speaking into my voice recorder to remember the moment, I heard (and recorded!!) a couple of loud “hoo hoo hooooooo’s.” Looking up I saw two huge Harry Potter-looking owls high in the trees. They were over a foot tall and I watched as first one, then the other flew, their wings flung out in huge sails as they drifted to differing branches.

Dumbfounded and in awe I knew I was experiencing another charmed-life moment of magic. I was too discombobulated to get good photos but I snapped this one that is like a pinch to my arm to prove it was real.


Googling when I return home I discover that they were Barred Owls, their distinct hooting call a dead giveaway. It is a rare event to see them (let alone get a voice recording of them), a gift that reminds me to hang on and get lost in this beautiful world of yours, mine and ours.

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me                                                                                                      See me, feel me, touch me, heal me                                                                                                     

Listening to you I get the music                                                                                                            Gazing at you I get the heat                                                                                                                Following you I climb the mountain                                                                                                      I get excitement at your feet                                                                                                               

Right behind you I see the millions                                                                                                      On you I see the glory                                                                                                                    From you I get opinions                                                                                                                      From you I get the story

Listening to you I get the music                                                                                                            Gazing at you I get the heat                                                                                                                Following you I climb the mountain                                                                                                    I get excitement at your feet 

-Feel Me by Pete Townshend

My own sculpture park…

Hello my friends. It has been over a year since I’ve posted a blog. WHAT? Yes, life got busy, I didn’t feel that I had anything new to say and I worked more and meandered a little less. But here we are in a new era of stay-at-home-for-my-own-good-and-the-rest-of-the-world. Being a director/teacher/actor makes me one of the horde that has been laid off until further notice. So now there is no excuse not to post and write. So we will call this the Meandering of the Mind series since “going out’ can really mean “going in” as John Muir says.

I went out for a solitary walk along a large pond. I marvel that there is always something new to discover. I have never seen the blooming of the skunk cabbage plant and I would not have guessed that they looked like this…


To see them bursting through the decaying leaves and swampy ground was better than any outdoor sculpture park I’ve seen. I am not a fan of modern, metal monstrosities in my woods, I like my trees and nature unadulterated and these growing skunk cabbages are the perfect illustration of why. You couldn’t ask for a better bit of sculpting to admire, with color, texture and medium perfectly suited to their surroundings. They are quite thick and sturdy right now, and remind me of the protea flowers that I first discovered in Hawaii with an almost woody strength. Continue reading

Beaching it…

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_86c3After a wonderful stop outside Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit family we are back on the road to get to Mackinac Island on Lake Huron. Just about an hour outside of Lake Ham, MN, we finally saw a bear! A darling black bear was crossing the road and after he got across, he turned to look at us and showed us his darling brown snout as if he was posing for a picture. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to grab my phone. Continue reading

Little bighorn sheep and prairie puppies…

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_86b6Today I decided to get myself to the doctor to check out my ears and dizziness. And as I surmised, I have a myriad of things happening in my ears because of the virus and was prescribed nose spray and anti-nausea meds and more over-the-counter decongestants. But all is well, I am feeling much, much better and glad to have had a doctor take a look just to rule out anything that might hurt my hearing. Continue reading



In Custer, Wyoming

I’m feeling like a Queen Bee sitting in our luxury room at the Celebrity Hotel, with Herbie the original Lovebug (from Disney movie fame) a few walls away. It has been a super day and I’m feeling extremely lucky. First off we had many belly laughs, so I know I am feeling better. It was a lovely drive to Crazy Horse Monument. Sharing this area with Audrey has been special. She loved Crazy Horse too, and we both like it more than Mount Rushmore, even though it is not going to be finished for a hundred years or more. The non-profit nature of it, the heart behind honoring the Native Americans, plus the shear gumption of one man taking on such a legacy while knowing he would die before seeing it even close to being finished. (read more in my blog from 2012, Lost my heart in the Black Hills…)  But we did see a shaggy mountain goat at Mount Rushmore so that added to the presidential fun. Continue reading

Finesse and wiggle…


Good bye to Yellowstone

Each day I keep hoping to wake up and feel back to my normal happy, healthy self. We had to move on from Yellowstone, whether I felt up for it or not, we have a large country to cross. So I was up early, feeling not so dizzy or nauseous, but not up to par either. We had a long day of driving and such beautiful scenery and thank goodness we are listening to a great audio book called The Book Thief. And as lousy as I felt, the book was a reminder that my troubles are worthless when compared to the plight of the Jews in WWII. Continue reading

The travel bug…

IMG_20180518_150434601_HDRSometimes you have all the luck and your life is charmed, sometimes you hit a large pothole in the road. Today I was at the pothole. I woke up with the room spinning wildly around while my eyes were closed. Thanks to Mr. Hitchcock we all know the word VERTIGO and I was gripping the side of the bed while it spinned. Welcome to my morning. I did a quick google search and deduced that I most likely have an inner ear infection brought on by the virus I have been fighting off. Continue reading

I’m goin’ to Jackson


The gnome made his proud appearance as the small builder of this gateway of antlers in Jackson Hole, WY

I contracted a cold somewhere along our travels and have been fending off succumbing to it’s persistent annoyance. But today I was dragging around  feeling sorry for myself that for my favorite part of the trip I felt rotten.

Audrey downloaded a Johnny Cash playlist and we heard him singing on our way into Jackson, Wyoming… Continue reading

Roadside falls


Kathy, Lori and Audrey happy to see each other!

One of the best things about road travel is the people you meet along the way, some old friends and some new. Today was full of old friends in Reno, Nevada, Kathy and Grandma Blume. After wonderful visits we packed the car and set out for destination Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

We had about 7 hours of driving and while filling up the gas tank the spout spit gasoline onto my leggings and as much as possible I soaped it off in the public restroom. I smelled of gasoline the rest of the day. We didn’t have time to do the trip in one day so we stopped for the night in Twin Falls, Idaho, under a beautiful rainbow. Continue reading