Zion, how can it compare?

Zion National Park views

I went to Zion National Park yesterday. Beautiful, but a hard act to follow after the Grand Canyon. It felt so small. It just isn’t fair to compare it, but unfortunately I can’t help it! I am still so weary from the Phantom Ranch hike. My calves are stiff and sore, my feet worn, so hiking around Zion was a bit trying. Their shuttle system works great, but made it seem like I was at Disneyland with groups of tourists with cameras and water bottles elbowing for the best views. But the huge towering sandstone walls were majestic, and the water weeping out of cliff walls where beautiful little flowers grow in cracks was delightful. However I think the Grand Canyon has spoiled me forever. We’ll see, it is still too early to tell and I didn’t hike far enough up and away from the tourists to give it a fair comparison.

Flowers growing out of the rocks, Zion.

I just find my emotional state rather fragile. I miss my daughters, I’m stressing more over where I’m going next, and finding reasonably priced lodging, and not getting auditions as I had hoped. Then the next moment I am soaring with gratefulness at having the freedom and means to be traveling and trusting to fate for this “rest” period. It never really gets easier to embrace the unknown and the ups and downs of life. Why do I expect it to change? Embracing this uncertainty is just part of life. At this point I don’t know where I will sleep tomorrow night and that will just have to do. For now. I will be taken care of, after the way the details were taken care of at the Grand Canyon how can I doubt?!


5 thoughts on “Zion, how can it compare?

  1. I wish wish wish I was out there exploring with you! I read your posts from work so that I am reminded that there is life beyond the cold computer screen. Beauty shines out of you in the photos you post, proof that you are on the right path. xoxox

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