performer.adventuress.wanderer.creator.mother.pencil-pusher.discoverer.instigator.rarity.begetter of dreams

Why blog? Why now?

I am in a transition zone. As I adventure into a new and challenging career as an actor, I find my slate clear for the first time. The home in which I raised three lovely girls has been sold and instead of settling into a new location I am going to drive across the USA and explore new areas, of my soul as well as real estate, audition for theatre, perform and commune with nature, friends and acquaintances. My companions on this journey will be my pencil, my book of the moment “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Estés, Shakespeare’s Complete Works, a little elf called Freddy, and all of you who engage in this journey with me.  I will share my meanderings with you and like Thoreau’s river…

“My blood flows in thy stream 

And thou meanderest forever,

At the bottom of my dream.” 

And  yes, Mother, I will stay safe.

(All photos are mine unless otherwise noted and as such are not to be used except with my permission)



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lori, your blog is fantastic and truly inspiring – I can’t help but admire anyone who follows the path they choose! You may or may not remember us, but this is Sandra (and Jon) from Toronto. We met at the Olde Harbour Inn in Savannah. I’ve just tuned in to your blog after a couple of days of extreme relaxation back home. Glad to see you have made quite a bit of ground since we met. If you end up in our fair city, give us a shout!

    • Yay, thanks for tuning in! Of course I remember you and glad you made it back home all safe and sound. I will for sure let you know if I come to Toronto. All the best to you and Jon.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Just have to say that I was in Toronto for a few hours this week to visit a friend on my way to Stratford. What a great city!! Sorry I didn’t let you know but my time was almost nil and it was a last minute decision to stop there. My loss I know, there is so much to explore and I will have to return someday!
      Hope you are well,

  2. I haven’t read all and not sure the direction of your journey…but I’ll catch up. I’m inspired! I too have contemplated just going to see where I fit best. With a little over a year before my slate is clear, I might just do it! Thanks!

    • Oh DO! It has been the most empowering, life-changing 6 months of my life! There’s nothing like heading into the unknown and realizing our personal worth regardless of our talent, possessions, work etc. You won’t be sorry!

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