A Pictorial Toast to 2012

As this year ends, my heart is bursting with thanks for the amazing journey I have enjoyed and shared with you all. There has been an incredible 7500 views (from 79 different countries) of my 87 blog posts. I have fallen in love, with my country and Canada, the mountains, the sea, the National Parks, so many people who are now irreplaceable friends, country music, dancing, writing, sharing Shakespeare with youth, acting with open honest people, a canyon, a pond, mountain tops, fringe boots and above all myself. I go into 2013 a braver, more empowered, confident, sassy, flirty, fabulous female. Here are just a few photo memories to relive but there are so many, many more that I could include of the amazing world that has embraced me this past year. May our 2013 bring more love, more encounters, more adventure, compassion and peace. Happy New Year my friends!

IMG_1001Yosemite NP, California in April 2012…the beginning. Continue reading


Dashing through the Northwest

IMG_5984I was told this week by an intuitive friend and well-respected acting coach that I have a no-nonsense, direct personality, EXCEPT in areas of the heart. He went on to add that when relationships are involved my no-nonsense approach to life gets cloudy. I have been pondering this ever since, and I think he is right. My romantic relationships seem to derail my normal common sense. Continue reading

The Caucasian Riggs Circle

photobarrightI have been rehearsing a play, called the Caucasian Chalk Circle, at the Austin Riggs Center in Stockbridge, MA. This is a recovery/therapeutic center that helps individuals struggling to live productive lives in our society. Patients live in an open community and share their difficult life experiences, and work together for solutions. Two times a year Kevin Coleman (see Meet Kevin) is hired to direct a play with them and he asked me to get involved when one of the patients needed to drop out. Continue reading