A rolling stone…

It is time to move on again, I leave Reno tomorrow. It has been such an enlightening time. I have been so spoiled with amazing food being prepared for me, dogs to snuggle, lots of outdoor exercise, friends with delightful and insightful conversation, and I also was able to practice my solo show twice before supportive friends.  I leave with a heart full of gratitude for such gracious hospitality, and in some ways so overwhelmed thinking I will never be able to repay what people have given me. The need to keep moving is rather exciting and sad at the same time. I spent the evening with a group of ladies that meet every month to share dinner and play a friendly game of poker. They were a hoot, such character, stories and laughter; interesting women that I would enjoy knowing further. But that is not to be as I roll on to the next adventure. And as I write this I have a sweet Jack Russell terrier sleeping on my bed that I will miss as well. But my life is so much broader, full, open….

Theres days to fall and days to rise and days for making haste
Days for seeking out yourself but no days you can waste
(John Denver)

I’m not missing a thing or wasting the days that have been gifted me. I am one very, very lucky woman. I feel it deeply and if that is all I take away from this journey, how great is that!? I am a small, fortunate speck in a large, lovely world; another stone in a picturesque lake.


2 thoughts on “A rolling stone…

  1. What a fun time that was Lori. Hearts that are knit together in story, experiences and love are beautiful. We are forever friends. You and I.

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