Road trip in miniature (Part Two)

Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA

After a hearty breakfast and playing with the resident B&B dogs we walked into town and browsed in the seaside shops and contemplated the views and philosophized with an artist that thought my divine feminine girls were as “beautiful as the pom poms on my hat were happy.” It was so very quaint, quiet and cold, though the sun was shining with welcome. Continue reading


Road trip in miniature (Part One)…

Susanna, Audrey, Alicia and me

Susanna, Audrey, Alicia and me

My daughters arrived by plane and the laughter, stories, and excitement have been palpable to all around. The dynamic of being with three lovely young women is so enlivening. I don’t want to go to bed, I am so awake, who wants to sleep? I don’t want to miss a moment. So I sit up and write while they sleep. Continue reading

Les Girls…

I am back in Lenox, MA after spending a glorious three weeks in Seattle with my girls for the holidays. I must say that as much as I love being back on the East Coast, the strings of my heart are pulled west by three special women. It is hard being away from them. There is nothing quite like having your own kids. They know me inside and out, they love me unconditionally, they get all my stupid jokes, know the same movie quotes, have similar tastes and we adore being together.

Susanna, Alicia & Audrey

Susanna, Alicia & Audrey

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A Pictorial Toast to 2012

As this year ends, my heart is bursting with thanks for the amazing journey I have enjoyed and shared with you all. There has been an incredible 7500 views (from 79 different countries) of my 87 blog posts. I have fallen in love, with my country and Canada, the mountains, the sea, the National Parks, so many people who are now irreplaceable friends, country music, dancing, writing, sharing Shakespeare with youth, acting with open honest people, a canyon, a pond, mountain tops, fringe boots and above all myself. I go into 2013 a braver, more empowered, confident, sassy, flirty, fabulous female. Here are just a few photo memories to relive but there are so many, many more that I could include of the amazing world that has embraced me this past year. May our 2013 bring more love, more encounters, more adventure, compassion and peace. Happy New Year my friends!

IMG_1001Yosemite NP, California in April 2012…the beginning. Continue reading

Filling up my senses…

It looks like a Christmas picture postcard outside my window. Just the perfect amount of snow to make it beautiful, but not treacherous to drive. I am still in the Berkshires, having survived my first Thanksgiving without being surrounded by family. I went to an “orphan’s Thanksgiving” at my director’s house. He and his wife open their home every year to people like me that are away from their loved ones. It was glorious. I cooked with girlfriends and we took our favorite dishes and joined with about 20 people to feast and watch movies. It was just what I needed; relaxing, homey, a dog, a fireplace, and friends falling asleep on the couch. We were all exhausted after the long hours of working at the Fall Festival (see “Shakespeare on their tongues…” ), so to have permission to kick back and do nothing was pretty grand. Continue reading

Nature, theatre and the artistic spirit

I spent 8 hours in the car driving to Spring Green, Wisconsin, trying to make it in time to get a ticket to Troilus and Cressida at American Players Theatre. I got there with 8 minutes to spare, bought a ticket and busted up the hill to the amazing outdoor venue to be the last person to enter the theater. So I hardly had time to catch my breath and look around. The first act was a little slow, and I had to fight off my lethargy. But at intermission I was able to soak in the magical surroundings and wake up with the help of some amazing sugared cashews. The setting is fairy magic memorable. I heard crickets, frogs, saw bats swooping into the lights, all this mingled with the talented acting company creating a beautiful production of a difficult Shakespeare play under the stars. Continue reading

Spiraling back to Seattle

I drove back into Seattle feeling like I was coming back into the rat race with people “leading lives of quiet desperation” (Thoreau). The traffic was atrocious, drivers aggressive, impatient, blowing their horns because the car in front of them didn’t spurt off immediately when the light turned green. My pace has changed as I’ve journeyed, the striving and pushing has been usurped by peace and being chill, so to get back “home” was a rude awakening. It doesn’t feel like home anymore, but it doesn’t help that all my belongings are in a storage unit and I’m sleeping on my daughter’s couch. I’m displaced, not sure where I belong. Is my car my only home? Eeek, what a thought! Continue reading

To Audrey, with love

I have sweat dripping down in the hollow of my lower back. I am in Chicago staying with my daughter in her cute studio apartment that does not have air-conditioning and I am trying to get used to being damp. I don’t like it, it makes me lazy, sticky, grumpy and in a bit of a muddle. But being with my daughter is making up for the discomfort. She is a delight and we are spending a lot of time gabbing in cafes, drinking great coffee, playing cards, getting a pedicure, laying on the beach, sleeping (or trying to sleep in my sweaty case), eating great food, going to a movie, and playing with her foster cats. Continue reading

Buffalo AUNTics

If you must hold yourself up to your children as an object lesson, hold yourself up as a warning and not as an example.”

This was the quote from Shaw in the beginning of the program of Misalliance that I saw in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, and I giggled thinking about my daughters and wondering if I am being a warning or an example. Whichever way the wind blows I hope they will glean that life is to be lived to the fullest. Continue reading

Zion, how can it compare?

Zion National Park views

I went to Zion National Park yesterday. Beautiful, but a hard act to follow after the Grand Canyon. It felt so small. It just isn’t fair to compare it, but unfortunately I can’t help it! I am still so weary from the Phantom Ranch hike. My calves are stiff and sore, my feet worn, so hiking around Zion was a bit trying. Continue reading