The boots are back!

IMG_7490The fringe boots are back as I am making the transition from winter to summer and kicking off the season with another cross-country road trip. The boots are somehow synonymous with my road trips, so that, like Pavlov’s dog, I am starting to drool for adventure and they make me imagine I am Sacagawea exploring the wild pioneer tundra. I wrote about these boots in one of my very first blogs (What’s with the boots?), and they still get comments daily in my travels.

Normally I am a solo traveler but this time I am taking the west to east ride with my youngest daughter to drive her car back to our small Western Massachusetts town from Seattle. We started with a quick detour to California to see my mom for Mother’s Day. She gave us a garden gnome that will accompany us in the car and may end up on a few adventures as well. We are on a time schedule so our meandering will have more structure than I prefer, but we are looking for fun and unexpected delights.

5ApjBrk5RKuiWgheGK13EA_thumb_85d2Our first National Park stop will be at Yellowstone. Audrey has never been there and so it’s at the top of our list of places to see. I am interested to compare traveling with a daughter to traveling alone and am hoping for many adventures to waddle across our path and have you all join us too!


6 thoughts on “The boots are back!

  1. Loved reading this! I just heard you’ve been feeling gross and now have vertigo?? I really hope that passes soon!!

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