What’s with the boots?

I bought a cute pair of grey Minnetonka fringe boots online for this trip. I love them, and so does everyone else it seems! Especially men in gas stations and women on the streets, and today I even had a man sing to me “those boots are made for walking and that’s what I’m gonna do” as I walked by. They are making a splash everywhere, from the lowlands of California, to the Rocky Mountains, to the Santa Fe drylands and honestly, I don’t get it! They are just boots after all…and I’ve seen them around, so it’s not like I’m the only weirdo wearing them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love being the center of attention even if for stupid things on my feet, but it just seems strange to get exclamations of delight and admiration every time I wear them. Minnetonka should use me as an advertisement, for I am SURE I have sold at least 5 pairs of their boots for them. Maybe more. I even told one guy he should get them for his wife! But I must say, it’s hard to wear any other shoes, not only because they are so comfortable and easy to slip on, but because I’m curious to see who will comment on them next. I need a “like” button for my boots.


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