Finesse and wiggle…


Good bye to Yellowstone

Each day I keep hoping to wake up and feel back to my normal happy, healthy self. We had to move on from Yellowstone, whether I felt up for it or not, we have a large country to cross. So I was up early, feeling not so dizzy or nauseous, but not up to par either. We had a long day of driving and such beautiful scenery and thank goodness we are listening to a great audio book called The Book Thief. And as lousy as I felt, the book was a reminder that my troubles are worthless when compared to the plight of the Jews in WWII.

Audrey did the bulk of the driving out of the park and I felt good enough to take over later. But I was trusting my gps and not at the top of my game and we ended up on a road that was closed and had to retrace back about 20 miles and miss Big Horn National Park.

Then we were sent over the Big Horn Mountains and what a long and winding road that was, complete with dense fog for 10 minutes. We finally started to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all! The road closure, the two major mountain passes, rain, me being sick, now the fog to deal with, this was not the adventure I had hoped to share with my darling daughter. But I must say, it will be memorable!


We limped into Gillette and found a place to crawl into bed and lick our wounds, only the  electronic keys wouldn’t open the door to our room. Standing there with all our luggage we had just lugged up the stairs since they had no elevator, we tried both keys several times back and forth getting ready to wander our weary way back to the front desk, when two gals exit the room next door. One said “You just gotta finesse and wiggle it a little, like a man.” I guffawed and thanked them as Audrey magically opened the door with a finesse and wiggle.

I think I am feeling better and am determined to awaken tomorrow with new vigor. 

The travel bug…

IMG_20180518_150434601_HDRSometimes you have all the luck and your life is charmed, sometimes you hit a large pothole in the road. Today I was at the pothole. I woke up with the room spinning wildly around while my eyes were closed. Thanks to Mr. Hitchcock we all know the word VERTIGO and I was gripping the side of the bed while it spinned. Welcome to my morning. I did a quick google search and deduced that I most likely have an inner ear infection brought on by the virus I have been fighting off.

I did my best to climb out of bed and grip the walls to stay upright. Getting dressed was an effort but I took my time, after all I am in Yellowstone National Park, I can’t stay in bed!!! Audrey and I walked toward the visitors center for some advice on road closures and halfway there, I sadly turned to Audrey gave her a hug and said, I can go no further, please continue on without me.

Back in my room I took Advil to bring down my fever and I slept and pouted in fitful bouts, while the room continued to spin. Audrey returned after half a day out on her own and I decided I might be ok for a drive to Canyon Falls, it was the one place I really wanted to see this time around as I missed it on my first visit.

On our way to the gorgeous falls we saw many buffalo, elk and the surreal beauty of the park and it’s steaming wonders. But I was still feeling miserable which made me sad.IMG_20180518_182139792