All Roads Lead to Iam…(Trilogy FINALE)

Back in Calgary I needed to take care of my foot with ice, elevation and rest, not normally in my repertoire. But I figured it was a good time for writing and playing with Phebe! We took it easy that night and had another fabulous tapas meal.

I spent the next whole day with iced foot in the air then we forged toward downtown Calgary to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the park. It was nice to see more of the city. There is a beautiful river with paths that wind their way along the edge with interesting foot bridges, some of them ridiculously, and frivolously expensive and subsequently controversial.

The play was full of silly fun, and there’s something great about seeing your friends with  their friends and colleagues and be introduced. Nathan (see PART TWO) also joined us, and we all went to a pub after and finished visiting and reminiscing with relish.

The day before our my last day there, Iam and I had been planning a night of dancing, since it’s an activity that we both love, but my jigging accident foiled our plans. Trying not to be too disappointed we decided to stay in, make pizza and watch a silly Steve Martin movie about birding called The Big Year. It was low-key and just what my sore ankle needed, and now every time I see a bird I think of them. Tweet. Sweet.

But time was ticking away like that damn hourglass timer of the Wicked Witch in Oz. We had only one day left….breakfast with Nathan and another Shakes & Co alum….grocery shopping for some things that will now forever remind me of Iam (baked Kettle chips, snap peas, kale)….more foot resting and icing…..dinner……talking……lightning storm with hail the size of ping-pong balls….embraces…..more Phebe and elephant time…..sand spilling into the hourglass bowl….

Iam and I are not perfect, but we are perfect for each other. I felt so cared for, given free reign of house and soul. I can tell her anything, really everything and know that support is right there. She reinforces my dreams, believes in me, reminds me that the future is now, this moment, this journey, that I have enough going on without needing to look too far into what’s next. I never want to live without her in my life…and the sand keeps spilling….

Iam and Stuart left really early for work and I was left alone to say my good byes with surprises and notes. It was a weepy time. Iam later wrote me something I wish I could put into song…

”Shooting stars and moon beams (of which YOU ARE MADE UP!!!!!) need space and freedom and they need to know it’s ok to come out and play.” 

I definitely got to come out and play. It wasn’t about seeing the sights of Calgary but seeing myself in my friend’s eyes. I am more beautiful, vibrant, colorful, content and left with the satisfaction that this friendship will last until we’re old and completely grey, hourglass be damned!


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