All roads lead to Iam… (PART TWO)…with an offshoot to Nathan

One of the things I didn’t anticipate was my friends feeling worried about what I might write about them on my blog. It became the joke with Iam after a particularly ridiculous event…“Oh no, I suppose you’ll put that in the blog!” Or a particularly bad picture was met with a groan, “Don’t put that on your blog.” I could also use it as a threat…”Careful or I’ll put that in my blog.” Blackmail…gotta love it! Nathan, the friend I was driving to Rosebud to see, was concerned about the same thing. No one wants to be misconstrued and I hated to think they were feeling vulnerable. But since we all had met in the Shakespeare Intensive we were loath to hide from each other. Authenticity is definitely the way to live and I was grateful that they trusted me not to misrepresent them. Continue reading