Teton Daydream (Part One)

In starting to write this post I heave a deep sigh. Describing joy and reliving the experience as I write makes me feel inadequate. And I want to do it justice, evoke the right flavors, touch the right nerve, because it was another pinnacle experience of the trip. Seeing the Grand Teton National Park and experiencing the little town of Jackson, Wyoming and meeting Forest were all breathtaking. So hold on, here we go, I’ll do my best to take you along.

I rolled into Jackson in the late afternoon and checked out the charming, old, western downtown. John Wayne would fit right in if he could avoid the tourist shops. There were stuffed wildlife animals in picture windows, a cute movie theater, a very interesting town square with huge arches made out of antlers at its four corners, coffee shops and cowboy bars. Works for me! Continue reading