Detours ahead…it’s just a lovely ride

After leaving Jackson, WY, I went through Yellowstone up to Bozeman, Montana, planning on making it to Glacier National Park. But I must agree with Burns and say “the best laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry.”

Yellowstone was phenomenal! I pulled into the Old Faithful Inn, parked right in front, walked up to the geyser and 10 minutes later was taking photos of the most beautiful spout of water, complete with rainbow, that I have ever seen. The whole landscape was other-worldly with the steam rising out of white ground like something you would see in an old black and white sci-fi movie about aliens on the moon.

The Old Faithful Lodge was incredible to experience as well and I walked through, up and down marveling at the construction and longing for the past when they had music playing at the top while patrons danced below. I certainly could get into that fantasy.

But I didn’t tarry long as I needed to keep driving to reach Bozeman before nightfall. Yellowstone is HUGE and at 35 mph a slow, lovely drive, with so many temptations to stop and walk and look. The change in landscape was dramatic, from hydrothermal moonscapes and bubbling mud pots, to huge evergreens, waterfalls and rolling green fields. Just incredible!

But the highlight of this day was the wildlife. I saw huge antlered elk, and gargantuan buffalo sauntering along the road close enough to hear their breath and the swish of grass as they lumbered by. I particularly loved the herd of elk that I saw with a few lying down with only their cute heads poking out of the grass.

But the best of the day was seeing my first grizzly bear. He was right across the road from my car walking along, stopping and digging big swaths of earth with his large paw. I was stunned and full of awe to see the massive power in his lumbering gate and swiping limbs and was grateful to be safely in my car with the ability to roll up my window and step on the gas to get away. Definitely would be a scary guy to come across alone on a hike. He didn’t give any of the cars stopped to watch him a glance, just stayed in his own wild world shunning our humanity with his dignity. It was as though he was not going to stoop so low as to give us the satisfaction of knowing we were worth noticing.

I was sorry to have to rush through the park, but I still had so far to go. I made it to Bozeman at around 10pm and woke up the next morning with NO idea where I was going next. I could not find lodging in Glacier last-minute, so I ignored the discomfort of the unknown and shopped downtown Bozeman for a birthday present, wrapped and sent it off to my daughter before facing the inevitable, what’s next? It is a great feeling to not worry and to know without a doubt the next steps will emerge when it’s time. I heard a James Taylor song on the radio that I’ve never heard before and crocodile tears of gratefulness rolled down my cheeks it was so apropos.

Now the thing about time is that time 

Isn’t really real 

It’s just your point of view 

How does it feel for you 

Einstein said he could never understand it all 

Planets spinning through space 

The smile upon your face 

Welcome to the human race 

Isn’t it a lovely ride 

Sliding down 

Gliding down 

Try not to try too hard 

It’s just a lovely ride 

(Listen on youtube @ Secret of Life)


26 thoughts on “Detours ahead…it’s just a lovely ride

  1. How wonderful! Sounds like a brilliant – love the wanderlust! One of these years I am going to have to explore the amazing parks and attractions in my own back yard! Yellowstone is high on that list! Love the photos!

  2. Ahh, Yellowstone… Definitely one of the best memories from a road trip around the region (similar to yours, it seems, in terms of not knowing where the next day will take you… :)). It’s too bad you didn’t have more time there, it’s really really worth it! Just think, I didn’t get to see Old Faithful or Grand Prismatic (lost in a snowstorm!) and still, Yellowstone was so mind-bogglingly terrific…
    This was my take on it, maybe I can convince you to go back for more ? 🙂
    And congrats on being Freshly Pressed, that’s how I stumbled onto your blog !

    • Thank you! I am very thrilled to have more readers and ones with such similar experiences. Yellowstone is amazing. I am in YOUR country now, up in Calgary! Your kind words are very much appreciated! Love your blog too!

  3. ” It is a great feeling to not worry and to know without a doubt the next steps will emerge when it’s time. ” As long as we are living in the present moment everything we need to know will be revealed to us and we will be prompted to act when we need to do so. We just need to ask! Great post!

  4. After I lifetime of dreaming, I finally moved to Denver, and I can almost see Yellowstone from here. It and the Grand Canyon are tops on my bucket list. I’m 69 though. I’d better get moving. Road trips are already becoming less fun than they used to be.

  5. Yellowstone is a lovely place well worth meandering through. I’m impressed you had the will power to make it through to the other side. However, Glacier National Park is equally worthy of meandering through. While the elk and grizzly bear is impressive, there’s nothing quite as awe-inspiring as a herd of bison wandering near the road, where you can see their massive bulk and power. Last time my parents were in Yellowstone, one of the bison was the same size as the car.
    Looking at those pictures brings back the memories of my last visit.

    • I did see a buffalo right by the road, AMAZING! I was too in awe even to get a picture and he was moving pretty quickly. So glad we share a love of that gorgeous place. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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