Just call me Bat Girl

I am still in Napa, CA camped out with my mom for another week, delayed a bit as I have the wonderful opportunity to attend an acting workshop next weekend in San Francisco. But my heart is pulling, longing and grasping to be in the wilderness. Yosemite is one of my next stops and I cannot wait… to get my wheels turned in that direction. I spoke today with a dear friend, mentor and spiritual dad, Lowell Young (you will be reading a lot about him as this blog unfolds as he has continually influenced my life since he was my science teacher in high school). He reminded me, as he always does, that nature and humans are inseparable and gloriously connected and encouraged me to watch Louie Schwartzberg’s incredible film The Hidden Beauty of Pollination. It was just the prescription this day needed. I feel like the bat at the end of the clip that dives head first with abandon into a cactus flower, drinking deep of the pollen that gives it life. By the time I reach Yosemite I will be ready to jump out of my car and embrace trees, climb rocks and drink deeply the sights before my eyes. I don’t want to just sip but disappear head first into nature. My soul needs it, my mind craves it, and my heart, well, it thrives no other way. Watch it here on the amazing TED talks, and like me, it could be the best 7:40 minutes of your day. Thank you, Lowell.


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