Meet Tom

Tonight I celebrated the 70th birthday of my first boss. Tom was a great pal of my father and a bright spot in my adolescence. The summer after my high school graduation he put me to work filing in his insurance office. It was a cushy job in a great atmosphere and I always felt like the special favorite. He swears like a sailor and being Irish, has a wicked, but huge-hearted sense of humor. When I shocked my family with the news that I was getting married at 18 to a man that I only knew for 1 month, he bought me a full set of china as a wedding gift that he sought out in order to make me feel extra precious. We have always had a bond, and he still makes me feel like the “teacher’s pet” today. There have only been a handful of people in my life that have connected with me in such an amazing way, and I must admit that I ADORE it! I wish teacher’s pet status on everyone. It is a glorious place to reside and if being on the receiving end of this unique indulgence is so delightful then I need to make sure and pick out some people I can spoil in my life. It doesn’t take much, just a smile and a few extra moments in conversation, a touch, a wink and I am back in high school worshipping a human being that can make smiles burst out of hard work and snickers escape at inappropriate moments, like during a sermon in church. He reminds me that being a little wicked can add twinkle to a dull existence. A *wink* to you all tonight!


4 thoughts on “Meet Tom

  1. Really enjoying your blogs and envious of your journeys. Be safe and thank you for keeping us entertained, you’re a wonderful writer! XOXO Robin

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