The travel bug…

IMG_20180518_150434601_HDRSometimes you have all the luck and your life is charmed, sometimes you hit a large pothole in the road. Today I was at the pothole. I woke up with the room spinning wildly around while my eyes were closed. Thanks to Mr. Hitchcock we all know the word VERTIGO and I was gripping the side of the bed while it spinned. Welcome to my morning. I did a quick google search and deduced that I most likely have an inner ear infection brought on by the virus I have been fighting off.

I did my best to climb out of bed and grip the walls to stay upright. Getting dressed was an effort but I took my time, after all I am in Yellowstone National Park, I can’t stay in bed!!! Audrey and I walked toward the visitors center for some advice on road closures and halfway there, I sadly turned to Audrey gave her a hug and said, I can go no further, please continue on without me.

Back in my room I took Advil to bring down my fever and I slept and pouted in fitful bouts, while the room continued to spin. Audrey returned after half a day out on her own and I decided I might be ok for a drive to Canyon Falls, it was the one place I really wanted to see this time around as I missed it on my first visit.

On our way to the gorgeous falls we saw many buffalo, elk and the surreal beauty of the park and it’s steaming wonders. But I was still feeling miserable which made me sad.IMG_20180518_182139792


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