Sunset Mass in Blue Minor

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” -Ansel AdamsIMG_6729

I wrote a report in high school on the naturalist photographer Ansel Adams. He was a fanatic about light and how it affects the world through the camera lens, and since then I have been enamored of watching the changes light creates on landscapes.


The sunset stopped me in my tracks. I was walking through the Shakespeare & Company campus and colors starting bouncing off of walls, tree trunks, my face, snow, gates, and I did nothing for the next half hour but bask in the beauty and record as much of it as my freezing toes and fingers could handle. What a glorious sight.

Loved capturing my shadow on the tree bark

Loved capturing my shadow on the tree bark

This is for Robert, who wonders why I never include any wacky photos of myself.

This is for Robert, who wonders why I never include any wacky photos of myself.

IMG_6751 IMG_6753

IMG_6752IMG_6755IMG_6756IMG_6758IMG_6759IMG_6764IMG_6765IMG_6769Last week I received my contract for directing a Shakespeare play in a middle and high school residency this April and May. Now all I need is one other school to join them next year and we will have the birth of the Spring Festival of Shakespeare. It’s what I have been working toward since last September and to see the green shoots of growth beginning to unfurl is an encouragement that winter is over and it is time for the rebirth of spring! Now I hope Mother Nature takes the hint, melts the snow and thaws our spirits with sunshine. IMG_6876


8 thoughts on “Sunset Mass in Blue Minor

  1. Lovely pictures and a lovely blog. The picture with your shadow on the tree bark is unique. I haven’t seen one like that before. Keep smiling just like you do in the pic with the letter of agreement and Good Luck on this incredible journey!

    • It was fun because it wasn’t planned in the least. I was snapping photos of the sunset with my iphone, turned around and there I was on the tree! Life’s lovely moment captured to share, so unlike Ansel Adams’ preplanned, organized and skilled shoots! Thank you for reading along.

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