My new love affair with country music…

As I was busting down the freeway in South Dakota at 80mph singing along with my tunes I saw signs for Wall Drug continuously for miles and miles. They are big on advertising. I decided to whip off the freeway quickly, as I have heard about this place for years. I expected a cute little general store but what I found was a large complex of shops! My quick stop turned into an hour exploration. One of the shops had my amazing gray, fringe Minnetonka boots in brown. Those boots have continued to serve me so well, that I have almost worn them out, so I bought a new color to put in the bag o’ shoes in the trunk. Watch out world here they come! We’ll see what adventures they provide. I pulled out of the parking space singing with Dierks Bentley…

Pair of boots and a sack of clothes

Free and easy down the road I go

Hangin’ memories on the high line poles

Free and easy down the road I go

Free and easy down the road I go

 I have a new-found love for country music. I have decided that a lot of country singers are great actors. They are so good I catch myself thinking…Did her mother die when she was three and her dad abuse her? Is that where the singer comes from? They are singing so truthfully about their hurt, some guy that left them that keeps coming back. But it’s not their life, these songs are being written by a conglomerate of songwriters that are paid millions of dollars to make a hit, but they sing them as though they are their own. The result is that I am fooled or convinced that it’s their life.

That’s what I want to do in my acting. There is truth in the playwrights words, somebody’s truth, somebody had these life experiences, these dreams, wrote them down and I need to take them as though they are my words. That I wrote them. Then people can watch my character and ask if this really happened to me. Did she write this? This feels like her life! That’s the kind of truth that means something and touches people. That’s how I want to touch people.

So turn it on, turn it up and sing along

This is real, this is your life in a song

Just like a road that takes you home

Yeah this is right where you belong

This is country music

                                              -Brad Paisley

(More about South Dakota soon!!!)


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