Charleston and her charms (Part TWO)

Shem Creek, SC

I slept late the next morning enjoying the quiet of waking up in a neighborhood rather than a hotel. DeAnne has a screened-in back porch area with rocking chairs and a cute black cat named, Lily. Both were adored. My ankle was giving me more pain so I was ready to take it slower, and DeAnne had the day off and was happy to show me her neighborhood highlights. We went to Shem Creek for lunch and sat on a deck overlooking a heavily trafficked boating canal.

Shrimp and grits

Pelicans were floating, looking kind of goofy, in the water and dolphins were frolicking around kayakers. I saw my first dolphin baby with it’s mom, so, so darling. I ordered another southern specialty, shrimp and grits. Good, but not something I would get hooked on.

Salt marshes

We walked out through a salt marsh, listening to the laughing gulls and giggling at the fiddler crabs in the mud that were so shy. There were speed boats and many recreational, sun-seeking, bikini-clad passengers enjoying their Saturday off, in opposition to the neighboring, hard-working shrimp boats.

Beach on Sullivan’s Island

The fact that I twisted my ankle actually dictated a relaxing afternoon lying on a lovely sand beach. My soul, as well as my ankle, needed this nothingness for a while.

The Peanut Dude

On the way to the beach we stopped and bought boiled peanuts from the Peanut Dude. They were an anomaly to me and Mr. Dude was so patient with my dumb questions and picture-taking. I was shocked they were served hot out of a plastic ice chest. The Cajun flavored ones were addictive, with a smooshy consistency, a cross between peanut butter and dry peanuts. It’s nice to finally know what they are anyway, I had no idea!

Raw peanuts and ocra

I found out that DeAnne is the Queen of the Mint Julep and as I am continuing to explore all southern specialty’s she offers to make them and we stop for mint and whiskey on our way home. I was struck with the different vegetables you find in the grocery stores here and had to take pictures of raw peanuts and rows and rows of bagged kale, mustard and collard greens.

Mint Julep time!

But I digress…DeAnne has special silver julep cups and crushes mint and sugar together, adds crushed ice and a straw and finishes off with whiskey. I’ve never been a hard liquor drinker, but I think if I lived near DeAnne’s mint juleps I might become one! YUM! It was a lovely blend of sweet and fresh and kick and burn. We sipped them as we watched the sunset from Pitt Street Bridge Park. It was bliss.

My little pink vision

We also saw kids crabbing; my vision of a tiny girl in a hot pink outfit throwing a white basket as big as she was into the marsh from the muddy bank is imprinted on my brain.

Blue crab

Her brother caught one and I saw my first blue crab, and they really are blue! I don’t know why I thought they wouldn’t be. Did I just think they were sad melancholy crabs? I don’t know, but blue it was.

From Pitt Street Bridge

As I watch one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen on this trip, I realize I am learning to relax and trust. I have been rushing at my future, determined to make something of my life, to reach goals, not sit back on my laurels, but to really be self-directed. There’s a good part to that, but I’m also finding right now that I want to walk through doors that open, not work so hard to find the doors but to realize the next door will open when it is time. I’ve watched it over and over on this trip, the path I am to follow reveals itself without any stress or determination to make things happen. The results, like meeting DeAnne, have been glorious. It has been a lesson of relaxing into my future rather than pushing into it. It parallels my acting lessons of releasing tension in my voice rather than straining and pushing to be heard. The more I allow and release tension the more breath can be utilized to it’s fullest potential. My instinctive nature is coming alive and I am trusting it more and more.

DeAnne and her lovely home

I left Charleston with a lump in my throat. Saying good-bye to my new friend was hard. I have vivid memories of us sneaking up on a raccoon eating Lily’s cat food late at night and running away screaming when we thought it was chasing us. But it was only a velvet bust that looked like a raccoon. The real raccoon was outside standing on his hind legs rubbing his neck on the porch swing. We laughed until we cried. I met a kindred spirit and I hated to leave. Saying thank you never seems enough for the gift of self that I’ve been given. As I waved good-bye out my car window, the song that came immediately on my radio was Bridge Over Troubled Water…

Sail on silver girl

Sail on by

Your time has come to shine

All your dreams are on their way

See how they shine

Oh if you need a friend

I’m sailing right behind

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will ease your mind

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will ease your mind

All of my friends have been easing my mind and this silver girl is sailing on to continue to shine.


2 thoughts on “Charleston and her charms (Part TWO)

  1. Love this journey you’re taking us on!!! Hope your ankle is healing!! And, Yes Lori – you’ve always been beautiful – but, at the same time, I know how you feel. Keep smiling, you have one of the prettiest smiles!!

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