Saddle up, it’s going to be a wet, bumpy ride…

As “my” cabbages continue to grow in the woods, my eyes are drawn up to the trees. Maybe it’s because I am listening to The Lord of the Rings audio book and the endearing antics of hobbits in the forest of Fangorn. I’ve always loved trees but I am seeing new identities in the bark and stumps today, a whale, an infinity sign, and many, many images of the letter Y. Interesting to ponder the “Y” or WHY?


I decided to google the letter Y and read many wacky things on numerology and projections about seeing the letter Y. The consonant, that sometimes becomes a vowel, seems to represent wisdom, intuition, sensitivity, curiosity and introspection. Also the symbol harkens to a fork in the road, and making vital decisions, a divining rod of sorts that you can hold in your hands to follow the way to underground water.


And I have been pondering the depths of my soul, the bend of my pathway, the next incarnation to come. The woods seem to be encouraging me to explore and trust my intuition, always the best plan. The pathway is mine to choose.


And further along my forest trail was a wooden whale, with such an expressive eye it beckoned me to jump on and go for a joy ride.


Change can bring such fear of the unknown, but I choose to see the adventure of broader horizons and the impossible dreams I may never even have thought of. I’m hitching my saddle to a whale and holding on tight for the next adventure.

IMG_0070 2

What are you learning during this time? I hope you are able to get outside and see if the natural world has ideas or encouragement to help you see your way.

PS For those of you watching the growth of the skunk cabbage, here is my latest photo of their progress…



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