Love handles…

I’m in a hilarious mood today, my writing is as witty as a 70’s sitcom, well, maybe not, were they witty? I am veering from my norm and  having a blast thinking about online dating. I have never done it, or explored it, I should say? But at the enticement of my sister, who is threatening to dip her toes in the online pool, I’m thinking “who doesn’t like company for a dip in the pond?” I’m having more fun just thinking about it, and in all honesty, JOKING about it, than I probably will actually meeting anyone.

First up is picking my online handle. I’ve always wanted to use that word “handle” it is so “10-4 Good Buddy” (spoken into my hand with my nose plugged). It’s all very ridiculous isn’t it? I mean you certainly have to choose carefully, just like tattoo positioning. You don’t want to end up with your beautiful butt butterfly looking like a drunken bat when you’re 70. Well, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad? I hear once you choose your online name you are marked for life. Those guys called “makemyday” or “bodyforyou” are never gonna get a glance from this gal, so it makes sense to choose wisely.

Loving words like I do, I have taken the challenge to heart and am making a list from the most ridiculous, to ones that I could possibly imagine using. I don’t even want to write them down in case one of you will steal my grand ideas…but take it from me, the process of giggling about it has me giddy. Here are a few recent inspirations….

IMG_2020petmypanda or polarpetter– inspired by the sweater I am wearing today with an angora polar bear prancing across my boobs.

My top choice of the moment comes in inspiration from friends that called me “whimsical” recently. I said yeah, like “KOOKY” and they adamantly said NO, more like playful and curious. So from that I arrived at whimsigal.

Yesterday I wore a skirt with an owl on it- so whopatch became an option.

See what I mean, who needs to date when you can stay home and laugh at made-up words and send them to your sister whooooo (see how I did that? Bringing the owl reference back in..) has to work in a highly stressful job and be serious and exhausted all day.

I’m one luckychick and iknowit. I may just write a book on online dating…called FROM THE COUCH-How to meet the mate of your dreams without ever leaving home. 

If any of you borrow my handles I will be very crushed, of course if you want to send gifts or payments in exchange for them I could be opentothat.

And stay tuned, next up…picking the perfect profile photo.



2 thoughts on “Love handles…

  1. I am having this convo with friends too — Kathy, now that the book is done, you MUST go online! DREAD!
    How to be honest about who I am and not scare every man off? Heck, I don’t want a man who can’t handle me anyway!
    i have canyonwalker, but need a BIT more distance from that name.
    We shall keep each other howling with stories to follow, my dear friend.
    I love you.

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