Mapping the River of Life

I know, I’ve abandoned you, my sincere blog readers, as I got busy with life. I have missed writing and sharing with you all. I’ve been in Lenox, Massachusetts working for Shakespeare & Company and seeing so many of my goals come to fruition. I found a “map” that I created last February of all the hopes and dreams that I had at the time. When I unpacked from yet another move 7 months later, there it was, and four of the six things I had schemed about had come true already! These were things that I hadn’t expected to see happen until many years ahead.


Private Eyes at S&Co

2014 saw my biggest dreams happen at Shakespeare & Company, being in a show there (Private Eyes), stepping up to a lead Fall Festival Director (directing 70 high school kids in a production of Hamlet), and working in the company office learning all the nuts and bolts of how to write invoices and contracts for education residencies. I have had steady acting work from playing Dorcas and Hermione in A Winter’s Tale, Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, the therapist in Private Eyes and now a Catholic mother whose daughter is in a coma.

I have been extremely lucky. So it is well-worth dreaming the impossible and recording it. What I did was unleash my imagination with pens, glitter and paper without limitation or judgment with this criteria…

“Make a map for fun and pleasure of where you might be heading and 4-5 steps to get you there.”

My "map"

My “map”

I highly recommend you have fun with this yourself and PLAY with ideas. What do you have to lose?

There are a few more steps to come true on my map but I’m sure there will be many more added as well. Each year my dreams expand and while not abandoning previous desires, I add new ones and allow the river to change course.

Right now I am rehearsing for a play in West Springfield. It is a new work called Iris, a new company for me, a new network of friends, a new place to live (they are housing me in a nice home and I have it all to myself). I will be here and back and forth to Lenox as much as possible until mid Feb. 2015.

It is unhinging to be on the move, to find my way, but I have to say that staying unbalanced has an upside. There is never a dull moment and you just never know what is around the next corner!

Nature love

Nature love

I hope the year has blossomed for you as well. And I wish you all a 2015 surrounded by the best of friends and good-humored family. May we find our way through the woods and over the rocks with hearts full of hope and song.

Welcome to my morning, welcome to my day.

Yes, I’m the one responsible, I made it just this way.

To make myself some pictures, see what they might bring.

I think I made it perfectly, I wouldn’t change a thing.  

(John Denver-Farewell Andromeda)


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