A “musing” we will go…

The beauty of autumn in Lenox, MA

The beauty of autumn in Lenox, MA

I have been neglectful of my blog for very good reason, but the guilt of leaving you in silence has been weighing on me.  I have so many wonderful experiences to share from my last travel escapades, but they will have to wait a bit longer. I am back in the Berkshires of Massachusetts directing Romeo & Juliet for the Fall Festival of Shakespeare. It is a dream that  has materialized from a wish I made one and a half years ago. So I am thrilled, and exhausted, and overwhelmingly busy putting in 14 hour days, working on the play that will culminate in a festival with 500 students. It will all be over in three weeks and then I will get back to writing regularly, and telling you about Redwood National Park, meeting a Prince of Norway and getting invited to go camping with a track-hoe driver, plus a myriad of other fun tales!

I hope your year has been filled with as much good fortune as mine.



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