I’m riding with Lady Luck

View from my room

I chanced upon an internet special at the gorgeous Olde Harbour Inn in Savannah (I like that “Inn in,” such bad grammar). I have a two-story room all to myself, a kitchen, two TV’s (not a selling point for me as I have yet to turn any television on in any room that I have stayed at in the last 2 months), a view of the river, birds that sing chirping tunes with gusto outside the balcony, wine and cheese in the evening, breakfast every morning, and a resident ghost. I think I’m gonna like it here. Loveliness. Continue reading



With Mary and Andy outside Shakespeare Tavern

…is hot. I don’t know why the heat is getting to me here, must be the humidity or just being in a big city? I am missing the country, the mountains, the woods, anything away from traffic and the hectic life. I am staying with darling friends and have again displaced them from their beds and normal routine. I am honored to be given such royal treatment but I feel guilty too. It’s so much harder for me to receive than to give. Continue reading

People who need people are the luckiest people…

Cheekwood Estate

Driving into the verdant green hills and mansions of Nashville from the poverty of  Stone County, Arkansas was a shock to my senses. I found myself judging the wealth and wondering who was leading the better life, who was happier, the poor or the rich? My new-found, easy-going mountain friends were singing in my soul, and the contrasting, brick, two-story forbidding beauty of Nashville’s homes made me ache with the inequality of it all.  But I continue to meet intriguing people unexpectedly around every corner and as the first part of my trip seemed to be about falling in love with nature again, this section I am discovering the depth of courage, beauty, and soul in human beings. Continue reading