With Mary and Andy outside Shakespeare Tavern

…is hot. I don’t know why the heat is getting to me here, must be the humidity or just being in a big city? I am missing the country, the mountains, the woods, anything away from traffic and the hectic life. I am staying with darling friends and have again displaced them from their beds and normal routine. I am honored to be given such royal treatment but I feel guilty too. It’s so much harder for me to receive than to give.

Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern

I got to see my first Shakespeare production since starting on the road. It was performed in a tavern atmosphere, it had a definite authentic feel, some great performances (including my friend Andy), and an engaged audience. I had never seen As You Like It, a delightful ditty with the normal disguises and lovers pining away and a happy ending. It was a nice reminder of my love for performance and Shakespeare, as being on the road has brought about a lot of other loves and distractions within me.

Tombs of MLK and his wife Coretta

Today I went to the ML King Museum and was brought to tears by the film clips and speeches, seeing the church where he preached, the wagon that carried his coffin through the streets and the horrible mistreatment black Americans have had to endure from our white nation. I was grieved and surprised that there isn’t more anger from the black community and amazed at the non-violent way Rev. King pursued equality. What a gift we were given with that man. Such a gift.

It was a quick breeze through Atlanta. Just a whiff, or taste, as I am anxious to keep moving forward. I still have so much area to cover, it’s hard to believe I have been away from Seattle for 7 weeks already. Wow, slow down time, I want to keep on being a ramblin’ woman.


2 thoughts on “Atlanta…

  1. the MLK museum is wonderful. I went to his Baptist church one Sunday am for services. Interesting story attached to it, of course. I have MANY friends in Hot-lanta. I may be there in Late July.

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