Glowing in the dark…

Me and Robert/Cassius

I’m falling a bit behind in my posts, having too much fun experiencing life. But I need to quickly acknowledge a stop in Johnstown, PA on my way to Buffalo, NY. I texted Robert, the young man I met at American Shakespeare Center in Staunton and he offered to take me “dancing at the best view in town.” An offer this girl cannot refuse.

Seeing stars…and stripes.

He is a very polite guy, picked me up at the hotel, opened my door to get in and OUT of the car and drove me around Johnstown showing me the highlights….the hospital, the river, and the local high schools (there’s not a lot to see in Johnstown). We went to a beautiful overlook to see the city lights and that is where we danced under a huge flag with the best view in town. How’s that for adorable!?

Glow Golf…

He was off work the next day, and I had a request to go miniature golfing and in his mysterious way he said that he would take me golfing like I had never been before. After dancing under the stars, I was ready for anything…golfing under water, or with broomsticks, or from the back of a mule?

I met him at the local mall and we went into Glow Golf…and he was right, I had never been glow-in-the-dark golfing before! I had a blast being silly, and Robert was a great companion in goofy antics.

We had sushi and then I went to his outdoor park rehearsal of Julius Caesar where he is playing Cassius. They were in the early stages of rehearsal, but it was still so nice to see community people coming together to share Shakespeare’s words, and I was itching to join in. It made me long to act again, I really miss it. He will make an awesome Cassius, the right blend of rugged good looks, athletic build and a heart for realism.

It was nearing sunset when his rehearsal ended so we drove quickly back to my hotel so I could watch it and with a horn toot and wave he was gone, back to his life and me “shuffling off to Buffalo.”


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