Bubbles the Coaster or Big Thunder Mountain?

Oh I’m depressed at the thought of driving east and leaving Colorado further behind me. I love the mountains. I think this is a huge discovery. I never really realized that a part of me feels incomplete without being in their heights. I have never lived in the mountains and I wonder what it would be like to get their influence everyday. I looked at the maps tonight at the drive ahead, Oklahoma, Arkansas….not a National Park in sight! But alas, I am going forward and I dread it. I know that is silly, but that is where I am tonight. And I do find it challenging to constantly be heading into the unknown. It takes a day, or half a day, to get comfortable some place new and just as I get settled I have to leave. So I am going through this wave-like roller-coaster constantly either slowly chugging up to the top of the tracks click click click with anticipatory dread, or then dropping down from the heights with an exhilarating whoosh! It is the best analogy I can come up with tonight.

Putting it simply…I miss the mountains.


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