The man who touched so many

Top of Half Dome 1978

It’s such a wonderfully small world. Just after I wrote my previous blog post, I received a beautiful email through facebook from a fellow classmate in that high school class hike to Half Dome.

…She was thanking me for blogging as that has reconnected her to our teacher, Lowell Young, his facebook page, and the transformative thoughts from those days. As I recently packed and sorted through years of collected “stuff” during my move, I came across some cherished photos and a few slides from 1978 that I had devotedly saved. This one I took from the top of Half Dome looking at our “band of brothers” that survived the ascent up the cables. Lowell is the one with his back to the camera in his signature red hat (that I would steal and run off with on my head once in a while like a dog with a precious bone), and another fabulous thing to note is that the 3rd person standing up to his left facing the camera in red shorts, is Melody, who just took the time to write me that lovely email. Hope this brings back even more memories, it sure did for me!

“But we in it shall be remember’d; We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…” Henry 5.4


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