Going back to my future

I have been happily consumed by an acting workshop with Shakespeare and Company this weekend in San Francisco. This is a group that I spent a month with in January in Lenox, MA exploring myself and Shakespeare and my relationship to both. It was a life changing month

and this weekend was a reunion with the work and 5 friends and  10 new ones. This deep connection to being truthful with our lives so that we can be authentic in our stage work blows my mind. It takes bravery to admit and face my worst faults and deep hurts in front of people, but once I do there is such freedom. We are all flawed and messy and to be loved and love ourselves in spite of our ugliness and pain is glorious, and to see what happens when we take that truthfulness into Shakespeare’s text is compelling theatre to watch. I saw some incredible, raw, crazy-beautiful acting this weekend and it’s the kind of work I am destined to continue. But it’s also the best way to live my daily life as well.

And it was the perfect send off for the road trip east. So far I have been at my mom’s and now at my sister’s so it is rather familiar territory but tomorrow I head for Yosemite, so this truly feels like the start of my journey. I have had the best send off from people I adore and admire and now I am heading toward one of my most favorite places in the world. Yosemite was really where my journey of self-discovery started as a senior in high school and I cannot WAIT to get back there and experience it’s magic all over again. If I am quiet over the next few days, it will only be because I am soaking up the mountains and internet may not be readily available. But stay tuned and I will regale you with stories when I can. “The mountains are calling and I must go.” -John Muir


4 thoughts on “Going back to my future

  1. Loving your blog–your messages seem to come in at the most significant moments for me. Have a blast at Yosemite. I look forward to watching your journey unfold.

  2. May your adventure be grand. You ARE a mover of mountains, and a maker of manners. So much love. Thank you for my morning dose of feeling.

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